What our residential clients have to say about working with New England Solar Hot Water.

Our last oil delivery quickly prompted us to investigate solar hot water among other actions to reduce our oil use. Installing solar hot water surfaced as a step that would make a significant difference… I investigated on line, made phone calls and got pricing from many companies. I was immediately impressed with NESHW – all of their staff were knowledgeable and answered my questions quickly and accurately. Other companies had higher prices and were uncertain about their information; solar hot water was only a small part of their businesses, which didn’t give me confidence about their skills or systems… NESHW specializes in solar hot water. The installation took one day; the crew was efficient, careful and clean; they were just as responsive after the installation when we had questions. They even gave me tips to help my existing boiler run more efficiently. I’ve seen the hot water storage tank temperatures reach over 140 degrees easily, some days even getting to the 160’s or 170’s. We are thrilled!


West Roxbury, MA

The first reason we chose to purchase the hot water solar system was to lower our long-term electricity costs. The system will pay for itself in under six years and should have a life expectancy of over 20 years. After research of all the different types of systems available I realized that NESHW would be providing me with a long lasting, low maintenance product. I found that NESHW is recommended by other professionals in the industry, and had strong and helpful references from past customers. NESHW has strong customer service skills. They are quick and responsive in their communication both with general questions and with getting the project completed. The system was installed correctly and I have had no troubles with it. The system performs better than I expected. One of the system installers, Nate, went the extra mile and I am grateful for his creativity and skill.


Plymouth, MA

On Saturday my rebate check for $3500 came. Much quicker than I thought. It speaks volumes for the hard work you put into the project. I am very pleased with the end product and my wife and I look forward to reaping the benefit for years to come. The icing on the cake is getting the check probably a month before I estimated it would come. As I have told Bruce I am happy to be a referral for any project you need me for, commercial or residential.


Easton, MA

The system that NESHW installed works wonderfully thus far. I had it installed in September of 2011. The drainback system deals with a lot of issues that Solar Hot water system have. The installation took one day. Dave and his team did a wonderful job. They obtained all the permits and did a professional job of installing the system. They connected it to my existing hot water system with appropriate shut off valves. The system passed our plumbing and building inspectors inspection. Bruce was very cordial in answering any of my emails and phone calls during the process. The CEC rebate was received and the 0% loan is super. The 30% federal tax credit and the 15% state tax credit will work to make this a super investment. We anticipate using 125 gallons less in fuel oil for heating hot water. With the 90 gallon solar water tank and the 40 gallon water tank we have plenty of water on hand for use. We are on a well in Rehoboth and if power goes out these serve as our reservoir. I love the sunshine showers. Our country needs to be the change it wants to be. Take action. This is an affordable and I think good investment.


Rehobeth, MA

I mailed out my W9 form yesterday and I guess it’s just a matter of waiting now. Thank you again, Dave. You, Bruce, and Liz have been fantastic and it’s been a pleasure working with all of you. I’ve never worked with a company that has been so on the ball. I would and already have raved to my friends about how great all of you have been. A couple of my friend are sitting back and waiting to see how good this solar works for me so they can make the jump to solar.


Fairhaven, MA

I highly recommend you use NESHW for your two panel system – these guys are the best! Why? They do what they say they are going to do, on time, on budget, and it’s done right THE FIRST TIME. I have had my two panel system for 3 years and nothing but praise. I save one tank of oil per year! It totally makes sense… Use the sun’s rays (even on cloudy days) to heat up the water. I have two recirc pumps in line (because I’m going from basement to roof, which is three stories), drain back system with a 90 gallon tank… It’s perfect. AND, you will be getting greater rebates that I did – that’s what made me do it. My brother got this system from Bruce almost 10 years ago – never has had an issue.


Douglas, MA

Our system has been awesome and has exceeded all of our expectations. Our electric bill has decreased by $100/month, more than enough hot water for the house and warmer than our previous tank was supplying. Every correspondence with N.E. Solar Hot Water was prompt, professional and always resolved any question or issue we had. From start to finish we absolutely could not have asked for anything more.


East Bridgewater, MA

WOW! I went down and was so impressed with this system set up! And your installers were so pleasant yesterday before I left! Thank you! I know it has not been without some hiccups but I am so glad that this is in place!!! No oil use – at least for the summer! You have been a pleasure to deal with! Feel free to add me to the list of customer referrals!


Dartmouth, MA


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