Massachusetts is the best state in the country for solar hot water incentives and rebates.



As of March 2016 Massachusetts is the best state in the country for solar hot water incentives, with about 75% of the system cost paid for by the rebates and tax credits.


NESHW offers the best value and highest performing residential solar hot water systems- no one else come close to our price, experience, and system quality. We buy our components in volume and install our collector and stainless steel storage tank systems for approximately $2,000 (after incentives.). If you qualify for the MassCEC’s ‘moderate home value’ or ‘moderate income’ adder, than the system costs are often less than $2,000. Approximately 30% of our customers qualified for one of the adders.

The MassCEC maintains a public database of all of the solar hot water system that are installed every year. This amazing resource allows you to research which companies are installing solar hot water systems in your area, what equipment they are using, and what they are charging their customers.

After you contact us, we will schedule a site visit at your home and a fixed price proposal will follow within 24 hours. Our proposal will detail the applicable tax credits and incentives, provide performance and technical details about your solar hot water system, and references from other homeowners who have invested in a NESHW solar hot water system.

Some of the benefits of a residential solar hot water system include:


Federal tax credit


Of total system costs reimbursed through tax credits and rebates


Of your hot water can be powered by the sun

Year manufacturer's warranty stainless tank

Find out how easy it can be to switch to solar hot water, and how the benefits of renewable energy can help you save money and the environment.