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Now in its sixth year, Neighborhood Solar has led to many residents and business owners signing contracts for small-scale solar systems, while speaking with hundreds more about the economic and environmental benefits of solar systems, energy efficiency and other clean energy technologies. Fill in the form to the right to schedule a free consultation with a solar expert!

How it works

The Neighborhood Solar Program looks to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity (PV) & Solar Hot Water (SHW) systems through a grassroots educational campaign driven mainly by local volunteers and low base pricing- typically resulting in a 20%-25% savings. New England Solar Hot Water is working in conjunction with SunBug Solar to implement the Neighborhood Solar Program. After thorough review Neighborhood Solar has selected their solar installation companies: SunBug for solar PV and NE Solar Hot Water because of their experience, proximity to the communities and their low base pricing. Besides discount pricing, home and business owners who participate can take advantage of additional federal and state incentives, including generous cash rebates and tax credits.

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