A partnership between the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (MA DOER) and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), HeatSmart MA is a community-based education and group-purchasing program for clean heating and cooling technologies. It is modeled after the very successful Solarize Mass program.

The group-purchasing model helps to drive down the cost of installation and increase deployment of residential and small-scale commercial installations of clean heating and cooling technologies including air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, and Solar Hot Water. Massachusetts towns will jointly promote all four technologies and will receive grant funding to help publicize the program. The Melrose community has been selected for participation in the 2020 HeatSmart Mass program.

How it works

The HeatSmart Massachusetts program looks to increase the adoption of clean heating technologies including Solar Hot Water through a grassroots educational campaign, driven mainly by local volunteers, and low base pricing, typically resulting in a 20%-25% savings. After thorough review by the State, and interviews with multiple installers, each participating community selected their installation companies. New England Solar Hot Water was selected because of price and experience as the leading solar hot water installer in Massachusetts. Besides discount pricing, home and business owners who want to participate can take advantage of 0% interest financing through MassSave and additional incentives, including Mass CEC cash rebates, Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs) and Federal and MA income tax credits. New England Solar Hot Water is working in conjunction with Town volunteers and the MassCEC to implement HeatSmart Massachusetts. To get more information, please sign-up using the form on this webpage or email or call us directly at your convenience: info@neshw.com; 781-536-8633.

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